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EDCO Now Recycles Cartons!

September 24, 2013

EDCO is pleased to announce the expansion of its recycling program to include cartons. Residential and commercial customers can now include refrigerated and shelf-stable cartons such as soup, milk, juice, soy and other beverage and food cartons, in their recycling containers for collection. This translates into a more robust recycling program for EDCO customers.

To recycle cartons, customers may place empty cartons in their recycling container along with all paper, metal, plastic, and glass recyclables accepted through the program. Please remove any caps or straws and ensure that food cartons are clean prior to placing them in the recycling containers. Beverage cartons do not requiring rinsing as long as they are empty.

Cartons are growing in popularity as a food and beverage packaging solution and they are appearing more and more on grocery store shelves. Recycled cartons can be made into many different products such as recycled paper products, like tissue and office paper, and even building materials like wall boards. Cartons are easily recyclable and in high demand by manufacturers of recycled products, so don’t forget that from now on you can now place these products in your EDCO recycling containers!

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