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EDCO Issues Warning Regarding Proper Disposal of Lithium-Ion Batteries

June 26, 2019

Improper disposal of Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries can cause a major fire risk. Placing them and any other batteries in trash or recycling containers cause a dangerous situation and, unfortunately, more and more dangerous incidents are being reported involving explosions or fires caused by improperly disposed cell phones or Li-Ion batteries. When batteries break or split open they may spark fires that produce toxic and harmful fumes and can be difficult to extinguish. “It’s extremely important for the public to know the potential dangers of improperly disposed Lithium-Ion batteries,” stated John Snyder, Vice President and CAO of EDCO. “Proper disposal is key to preventing a major fire or explosion within household containers, processing facilities and collection trucks.”

Please find out how to properly recycle Li-Ion batteries, and all other batteries and electronic waste on our website under the Residential Services’ Household Hazardous Waste page, or take them to your local household hazardous waste disposal facility or event. All batteries and electronic waste should never be placed in curbside trash or recycling carts.

Click here to watch a short animated video on battery safety from the Avoid the Spark campaign.

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